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Use Our Sewer Camera to Find Out What Is in Your Home

Did you know that your sewer lines can be damaged in a number of ways? A sewer scope inspection is the first line of defense against costly repairs and major plumbing issues. It’s also the only way to ensure that your pipes are free from dangerous and potentially deadly material.

Trusted Sewer Scope Inspection Services in Los Angeles, CA

When you hire our technicians to perform a sewer scope inspection in your Los Angeles, CA, property, you can expect us to do more than just look inside your drains. We’ll use a specially designed camera on a long cable to view inside your drains. Depending on the access available and the company, our technician might start on your roof and enter a vent stack on the opposite side of where your sewer ends to access the sewer. This gives our inspector the best chance to find damage since we can view the sewer from start to finish.

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Get a Sewer Scope Inspection Service

When you need to know what’s happening in your sewer, we’re here for you. A sewer scope inspection is a great way to ensure that your drains are working effectively and efficiently and that they’re not going to cause damage to your home. The inspection generally takes about 30 minutes, and the entire inspection is typically recorded on the camera. Reach out to us today to request sewer scope inspection services in Los Angeles, CA!

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When it comes to your plumbing and sewer lines, you want to know that everything is working properly. Find out more about our inspection service by contacting one of our inspectors.