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Condo Inspection Services by a Certified Master Inspector:

Brooke and Sons Inspections
Brooke and Sons Inspections May 30th, 2024

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When considering a condo purchase, a thorough inspection by a Certified Master Inspector (CMI) provides unmatched value. CMIs are highly experienced, having completed rigorous training and thousands of inspections. They are held to the strictest ethical standards and undergo regular background checks, ensuring professionalism and unbiased evaluations. Compared to a standard inspector, a CMI offers a deeper understanding of condo-specific concerns.

Beyond the typical inspection of major systems like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, a CMI delves into potential issues unique to condo buildings. They meticulously examine common areas like hallways, roofs, and exteriors, assessing their condition and identifying signs of deferred maintenance. Special attention is paid to waterproofing systems, crucial for preventing water damage that can plague individual units. Additionally, CMIs scrutinize the building’s reserve funds, a critical indicator of the condo association’s financial health and ability to address future repairs.

By uncovering these potential problems, a CMI empowers you to make informed decisions. Their detailed report outlines necessary repairs, helps negotiate a fair price, and provides peace of mind knowing you’re not inheriting hidden condo headaches. In the complex world of condo ownership, a CMI’s expertise proves invaluable.